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History of Pivot EAP

Employee assistance programs (EAPs) have been providing workforce support since 1917. Originally focusing on helping employers assist workers with alcohol problems, the EAP concept evolved over the years and today’s EAP focuses on assisting companies to support and retain their employees through good times and bad.

For management, that means EAP can help maximize employee productivity and minimize the rigors and costs associated with disciplining or firing, and subsequently replacing and training, troubled employees.

For employees, EAP’s training modules can enhance their understanding of workplace issues and its sensitive, confidential assistance through emotional upset, financial difficulties, or with problems caused by alcohol or other drug abuse can mean the difference between staying employed and termination.

Pivot Employee Assistance Services was established in 1977 and is a member of the Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA). Pivot’s primary focus is providing professional EAP services for companies and organizations locally and regionally. Among Pivot services are employee orientation sessions, on and off-site trainings, critical incident stress debriefings, and Department of Transportation (DOT) Substance Abuse Professional Services.