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Frequently Asked

Employees & Families

Who will know if I used Pivot?

No one will know if you use Pivot. Our program is strictly confidential. If you contact us, your supervisor will not be told unless you want him or her informed. However, a supervisor may refer you to Pivot if your job performance is affected. They are trained to refer employees who need EAP services. If you decide you want help, everything you discuss will still be confidential.

Will This Affect My Job?

Absolutely not! Your job security or working conditions will not be jeopardized by a request for help through Pivot.

How much does it cost me?

There is NO COST for employees and family members to use our services. What’s more, you are encouraged to use EAP services whenever you need help or information to best handle your job or family responsibilities. EAP counseling is short term counseling 6-8 sessions per problem. Referrals are made for issues requiring more sessions.

Why does my employer offer EAP?

First, it is smart business. If you’re doing well and day to day problems aren’t a distraction, you are more likely to be alert, motivated and concentrating on your job. Second, it costs more to hire and train a new employee than it does to help and keep a current employee. Third, your employer cares about you, it’s that simple.

Will the counselor keep my problem confidential?

YES, Absolutely! Confidentiality is a requirement and a guarantee we make to all employees. Without it, EAP wouldn’t work. Every counselor knows this rule. No information goes anywhere without your request and written permission. Remember, these counselors are specially trained in EAP work. They handle delicate issues and they have the knowledge and skills to assist you toward solving your problems.

Check out our Confidentiality Policy for more info.


What is an employee assistance program?

An employee assistance program or EAP is a counseling service for employees and their eligible dependent that may be experiencing personal or workplace problems. Everyone has problems from time to time. Usually, we work them out but sometimes problems persist, becoming serious enough to affect us both on and off the job. It is during these times, an EAP counselor may be able to help.

What types of problems does EAP help with?

EAP handles a wide range of problems. These include problems related to:

  • Family Problems
  • Marital Issues
  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse
  • Stress
  • Grief
  • Financial Problems
  • Legal Issues
  • Workplace Issues
  • Emotional
  • Parenting Problems
What does it cost the company?

To find out about how affordable this is, please request a quote