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We look forward to continued partnership with our contracted companies.


Dear Employer,

We are pleased that you are considering Pivot Employee Assistance Services as a way to ensure the psychological health and productivity of your employees.  Your organization depends on it. We will work with you on your specific needs and concerns in a confidential setting.  Whether you require workplace training or confidential assessments for your employees, assistance is available.

Pivot Employee Assistance Services is your affordable business partner, located in Northern New York, which means we are available for your immediate needs and those of your employees.  We know the local resources and counselors to support those needing assistance. It is rewarding to see employees succeed and become productive again.


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To receive more information about Pivot or to request a quote for our services please fill out the information below or contact Christopher Paige, Program Director.



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EAP programs are important workplace drug and alcohol prevention measures. Alcohol abuse and the use of illegal drugs are serious workplace problems. Nearly three-quarters of those who use illegal drugs also work. Alcohol remains the leading substance of abuse as one in every ten people in the U.S. has an alcohol problem.


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